[Recent incense has a certain effect]_Benefit_Advantage

[Recent incense has a certain effect]_Benefit_Advantage

Fennel is a condiment we all know.

It is also a kind of filtering we like. Fennel is divided into fennel and cumin. Both are commonly used seasonings. When we eat fennel, we only know that it can improve the taste and smell fishy, but we do n’t know aboutOther aspects of knowledge, so do you want to know about the benefits of fennel on the human body?

What are the effects and effects of fennel?

What are the effects and benefits of fennel?

Fennel is a commonly used kitchen condiment. In addition to the value of diet, fennel also has a good health care effect, has a certain breast-enhancing effect, and women who are breastfeeding should eat some of the effects of promoting milk secretion. In addition,It has a certain effect of warming the stomach and nourishing the stomach, and also has a good effect in promoting bile secretion. Fennel has a deodorizing effect and can remove fishy smell.

First, breast enhancement fennel has the effect of breast enhancement, can increase the milk secretion of lactating women, so it has a good effect on breast enhancement.

Second, Jianwei Fennel has a stomach-invigorating effect.

Fennel preparations are commonly used to strengthen the stomach, disperse cold, relieve qi, and relieve pain.

Choleretic effect.

Therefore, friends who have a bad mouth can’t digest it.

Third, biliary cumin has a beneficial effect on bile, can promote bile secretion, and convert bile solid components.

Fourth, deodorizing fennel has the function of deodorizing and removing fishy smell, and is often cooked with fish or meat with fishy smell to eliminate its fishy smell.

Fifth, anti-ulcer research has shown that cumin 600mg / kg duodenum or oral replacement can inhibit gastric secretion in rats by about 38.

9%, the inhibition of gastric secretion of Shay ulcer was 34.

9%, and the inhibition of gastric secretion corresponding to acute ulcers was 33.


6. Relieving nasal congestion and headache Anise can be used as a spice to relieve nasal congestion, headache and other symptoms. People with allergic rhinitis and cold body can use this medicine to treat it.

7. Insect-proof fennel also has the effect of preventing insects. Putting star anise in storage clothes can prevent insects.

The above is about the efficacy and role of fennel introduced by everyone. Now you have some knowledge about this seasoning.

Fennel has a high nutritional value. It is often used as a food ingredient to flavor in life, and is generally not eaten directly.

Tips: Fennel may be consumed by the general population.

However, those with yin deficiency and fire are not suitable for eating.

Consumption of fennel can damage eyesight, so it should not be used in large quantities for a long time.